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Meeting Minutes

September 2, 2010

Attending: Zane U. Segle (MLNG), Shankar M. Banik(MACS), Jason S. Skinner (ELEC), Sean Heuston (ENGL), Elise Wallace (LIBR),Dena Garner (HESS), Liz Washington Arnold (BADM), Darin Matthews (PSYC), andPaul Nolan (BIOL).


New members are SeanHeuston (ENGL) and Randy Blanton (CLEM)

Funding to support faculty development ($2,500 maximum), has been restored, due to "significant roll-over of grant funds for the past two years, $21,000 inresearch funds from last year." (Email from Sam Hines 8/26/10 to E. Wallace)


The committee reviewed changing the election to a spring meeting, in order to give a new chair the summer to learn about the position before a call for applications is made. But after consideration, the charter will remain the same. This problem is resolved by calling the first meeting, in the fall, after the first call for applications. By which time, new committee assignments will be announced.


Elise Wallace was asked to serve as committee chair for a second year. Members were asked to consider taking over the chair next year.


A new committee website, created by George Rudolph, appears at http://www.citadel.edu/fcmte-facdev/.

Clear your browser cache,if the old application form appears.This is the one with the $1,875 cap.


We discussed the pros and cons of having the school deans responsible for rankingapplications from their departments. Deans are better able to rank as they are familiar with the discipline. Political complications may occur. How will the money be allocated? Who will have the money to allocate? Will the deans take Sam’s position in the procedure?


The committee agreed that college courses, and international travel will be approved by the committee, as long as they meets the criteria.


No items were presented for future meetings.