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Faculty Council Bylaws

I. Document Definitions

The Faculty Council Constitution is the organizing instrument that defines what the organization is and why it exists. These Faculty Council Bylaws articulate more detailed rules/procedures by which the organization operates.

II. Specific Procedures

A. Meeting Schedule

1. Per the FC Constitution, the May Faculty Council meeting is the first meeting of the annual term. In addition to normal business, the May meeting agenda should include: introduction of new members, election of new officers, and orientation for new members: Constitution, Bylaws, and a Faculty Council website overview.

2. Subsequent meetings will be held monthly Aug-Dec and Jan-Apr for ten total meetings.

B. Pre-meeting

1. No later than one week prior to a regular Faculty Council meeting, the Chair, Vice-Chair, and Secretary will coordinate and email a proposed agenda to all Faculty Council members.

2. In an effort to save on unnecessary printing and to a maximum extent possible, agendas will be the only items printed for meetings. When proposed agendas are transmitted to FC members, the Secretary will attach all necessary supporting documents to the email. Members are encouraged to download the documents and bring their laptops and the electronic attachments to the Faculty Council meeting.

3. The Council elected officers are also responsible for the currency of This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

C. Post-meeting

1. Within one week following any Faculty Council meeting, the Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary will coordinate draft minutes.

2. The Secretary will email the draft minutes to Faculty Council members (as opposed to posting them in draft form on the Faculty Council website)

3. Once minutes are approved at a subsequent meeting, the minutes will be posted on the Faculty Council website http://www.citadel.edu/fcmte-faccouncil/minutes.html

4. Faculty Council members are responsible for informing their school/department members concerning events at the Faculty Council meeting.

D. Processing requests from faculty members or administrative officers

1. The committee will vote to accept or reject the request.

2. A request for information can be rejected for the following reasons:

a. the request is unclear, in which case the committee chair will ask the requester to clarify any ambiguities and resubmit the request;

b. the committee's workload is currently too great to perform the task in the requested time frame, in which case the chair will return the request and suggest a date for re-submittal;

c. the task falls outside the scope or sphere of interest of the committee, in which case the chair will ask the requester either to submit the request to another committee, or (if the task falls within the scope of more than one committee) divide the task between the committees; or

d. the committee does not have the resources or the authority to complete the task, in which case the chair will explain which parts of the task cannot be completed, and the requesting body may resubmit a modified request.

E. Oversight of Standing Faculty Committees

1. Per the Constitution, the Faculty Council is responsible for oversight all faculty committees.

2. No later than 1 Apr each year, remind standing faculty committee Chairpersons of the requirement to submit reports to the Faculty Committee NLT April 30th outlining the business/accomplishments of the faculty committees.

3. For staffing of the Committee on Committees

a. No later than 1 Apr each year, query the Committee-on-Committees concerning vacancies/replacements for the next academic year.

b. Advertise to all faculty for volunteers well in advance of the Apr Faculty Council meeting. Note: Committee-on-Committees members must be tenured faculty.

c. Voting/approval for nominee for the Committee-on-Committees should take place at the Apr Faculty Council meeting.

4. The Council elected officers are responsible for maintaining the currency on the standing faculty committees on the school website.

5. The Council elected officers are also responsible for maintaining a current list of Chairpersons for all standing faculty committees.

F. Faculty Council Member Attendance

1. Faculty Council members are expected to either attend the meetings or arrange for a substitute from their school/department.

2. After the October meeting and for the remainder of the term, if any members attendance (a substitute counts as attending) is 50% or less, the Chairperson of the Faculty Council will contact the School/Department Chair and request a replacement or compliance with F1. above.

G. Faculty Council Calendar

· May first meeting of the new term, elect new officers

· Sep (approx.) query faculty committees to update Chairpersons list

· Jan 10 (NLT) Faculty Committee report to all faculty

· Apr 1 (NLT) query Committee-on-Committees concerning vacancies

· Apr 1 (NLT) remind Chairpersons of standing faculty committees to submit reports NLT April 30

· Apr (NLT) Faculty Committee report to all faculty


Revision December, 2011