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Faculty Council Annual Report

AY 2011-12


Faculty Council met monthly during the year, first in May 2011, and then from August through April during the academic year.

George Rudolph was elected chair in May, and served the full year.


Last year's Council approved Conway Sailor's proposal to reinstate Faculty and Staff giving to The Citadel.  This year that mechanism was put in place, coordinated by Lori Tuttle of TCF, Conway Sailor and George Rudolph.  The kick-off and subsequent drive were very successful.  65% of faculty and 23% of staff contributed a total of $112,788.


During the summer, Chair Rudolph sent out a list of items for Council members to consider as action items for the coming year. That set of items was discussed and voted upon at the August meeting.  As a result, 4 subcommittees were organized to work on the following items:

  1. Faculty Awards and Recognition
  2. Faculty Manual and Adjunct Manual Review
  3. Faculty Council Constitution and Bylaws Review
  4. Faculty Governance

A number of other items also came before the Council, as outlined below.  More details can be found in meeting minutes.


The Provost asked Faculty Council to propose awards and criteria to recognize and reward faculty for teaching, research, service.  Also to consider possible awards to be given at the School level, and how to publicize what faculty and students are doing in Alumni magazines, on the web, etc.  This idea is supported by a $10K donation for this purpose.  This subcommittee defined several awards, monetary awards for each, and filed a final report that included an announcement.  The task of of selecting award winners was given to the Awards Committee (standing faculty committee).  The winners are to be announced at the Fall General Faculty Meeting.  Efforts to coordinate regular publicity in Alumni material, and so on, are on-going, and will be taken up next year.


A subcommittee completed a revision of the Faculty Manual, which the full Council approved, and has forwarded to Academic Board for approval.  Academic Board discussed it, and will vote on this at its August 2012 meeting.  The Office of the Associate Provost for Academic Affairs revised the Adjunct Manual, at the request of Faculty Council, and that Manual needs to be voted upon by the Council.  The Provost has also asked next year's Council to discuss Adjuncts and related policies and issues, so we expect more changes to the Adjunct Manual before it is approved.


A subcommittee revised the Faculty Council Constitution, which was approved by Faculty vote and by The President, and will go into effect in September 2012.  The most notable changes were that membership was moved to bylaws and that the Chair is elected for two years rather than one. The language describing various other items was clarified.  This subcommittee also drafted written bylaws for the Council, which had previously not existed as far as anyone now present knows.  The bylaws were approved and adopted by the Council.


Last years' Council approved a resolution requesting that the Provost appoint an ad hoc committe to study the issue of Faculty Governance.  In discussing this with the Provost, Chair Rudolph suggested that a subcommittee of Faculty Council do this.  The subcommittee met a number of times, but struggled to make concrete progress on anything they could report.  This became more difficult when the College organized an IPAC self-study commitee to study Faculty Governance--in effect, the ad hoc committeee that the original resolution requested.  Work is on-going.


The President suggested that we reopen the possibility of having a Faculty House.  The Provost gave a proposed vision, which included the idea that to make money on food service would require subscription-based meal plans, or some other creative financing. The Council countered with the proposal that the Faculty House should include food service even if funds from something else are used to subsidize it.  It is an important symbol and perq for Faculty.


The Council approved the following charter changes for Standing FAculty Committees:

  1. The Committee on Committees updated the list of Standing Faculty Committees in its charter
  2. The charter for the Global Initiatives Committee was reapproved
  3. The Awards Committee has Staff representation for the selecting winners of the Algernon Sydney Sullivan Award
  4. The Library Services Committee's updated charter is awaiting approval by the Committee On Committees

The Tenure & Promotion Committee rewrote the College-wide policy on tenure, promotion and the termination of tenured faculty that was commonly known as "General Order #4".  The Citadel's General Counsel has renumbered the rewrite as "Memo 3-7".  The Council approved Memo 3-7.


As a final note, 8 of the 17 Standing Faculty Committees have submitted annual reports, which have been or will be posted to their respective websites: Tenure & Promotion, Curriculum & Instruction, Faculty Development, Core curriculum Oversight, Finance Committee, Research Committee, Sabbaticals Committee, Library Services.



Respectfully submitted,


George Rudolph, FAculty Council Chair