Why The Citadel?
2011 October Print E-mail

To: Members of The Citadel Core Curriculum Oversight Committee

From: LTC Scott Lucas, English Dept.

RE: Minutes of 10/18/11 CCOC meeting.


Members Present: Bevsek, Brown, Chen, Lucas, Mabrouk, McNealy, Murden, Preston, Silver.


The meeting began at about 1105 hours. After introducing to the Committee Holly Bevsek, who is a non-voting member of the CCOC due to her status as Curriculum & Instruction Committee Chair, LTC Lucas invited LTC McNealy to address the question of how best to gauge faculty wishes concerning learning domains that should be incorporated into the core curriculum. LTC McNealy distributed a revised version of the proposed faculty survey first introduced at the 9/27/11 CCOC meeting. The revised version offered definitions for the terms on the survey and asked faculty members to choose five learning domains they would like to see incorporated into the core curriculum and to rank each chosen domain from 1 to 5. LTC McNealy noted that the learning-domain names came from the domain sets created by the American Association of Colleges and Universities. She also noted that the goal of the survey was to find 3-5 learning domains that the faculty deems most important for teaching in the core curriculum.


Committee members then discussed how the survey’s learning domains should be ranked, how many should be ranked, and where the definitions should be placed on the survey document faculty members would see. After discussion, the Committee determined that the definitions should appear at the bottom of the survey document rather than before the survey itself. The Committee further voted to have faculty members select 5 domains out of the 13 offered and to rank each of those chosen domains from 1 to 5, with one being the highest. LTC McNealy agreed to send out the faculty survey and to forward to our Committee the results she received once they were calculated.


LTC McNealy then distributed a “General Education Assessment Progress Rubric” and asked Committee members to reflect on how well The Citadel has been meeting the expectations for assessment noted on the document. During the subsequent discussion of accreditation and assessment, LTC Murden emphasized to the Committee just how important accreditation is for our College. In turn, Committee members reiterated their desire to help The Citadel as it prepares for SACS accreditation.


After discussion had ended, LTC Lucas informed members that the next meeting of the CCOC would occur once LTC McNealy’s office had data from the faculty survey ready to pass on to us. The meeting adjourned at about 1150 hours.


Respectfully submitted,


LTC Scott Lucas

Chair, Core-Curriculum Oversight Committee