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Core Curriculum Oversight Committee Final Report, AY 2012-13


The Core Curriculum Oversight Committee (CCOC) met once in the Fall semester and will hold a virtual meeting in April 2013, as soon as relevant assessment information is delivered to it.


The CCOC’s fall meeting was held on October 16, 2012.  Its first duty was to elect a chair, but since so few members were present at the opening of the meeting, members decided to defer electing anyone.  LTC Scott Lucas served as interim chair, a post that was never superseded by a permanent chair.  LTC Lucas thus remained the de facto chair of the Committee.


LTC Lucas welcomed the new members of the Committee and shared some of the Committee’s activities over the previous academic year.  LTC Lucas then turned the floor over to Provost Tara McNeely, who recapped the activities of her own office in the matter of assessing the learning outcomes of our core-curriculum students.


Provost McNeely then addressed the tasks facing her office and our Committee this academic year:  addressing how competency is assessed in the core curriculum.  The Committee and Provost McNeely discussed the creation of a curriculum map, and it recommended a curriculum map sheet be sent to each Citadel department head whose faculty teaches in the core curriculum to be filled out.


Provost McNeely then introduced the various forms of assessment already in place and asked the Committee to think about how The Citadel can use the data they report to improve its students’ learning outcomes in the core courses.


Attention afterwards turned to the Continuous Improvement Plan for general education.  The Committee members felt that individual instructors should be asked what they are doing, so that they can then reflect on ways of improving their offerings in the following semesters.  At least some core-curriculum courses need to make an improvement in each of the four categories assessed by spring, LTC McNeely suggested.


Provost McNeely agreed to gather the data from various departments for analysis by the CCOC.  Members felt the CCOC’s role in this matter should be to look for “holes” in the responses to see what is not being covered in plans for improvement.


In March 2013, several members of the CCOC attended the Faculty Assessment Gathering, put on by the Faculty Assessment and Analysis Team.  Various persons involved with assessment of student learning at The Citadel gave presentations, and all those present later brainstormed ideas to improve areas in which Citadel students lag behind their peers nationally.  LTC McNeely suggested that she would pass on the slides and other data from this meeting to the Committee.  As soon as she does so, the CCOC will hold a virtual meeting to discuss the information on assessment over email.


Respectfully submitted,

LTC Scott Lucas

Chair, CCOC

April 7, 2013