TO:  Members of the Committee on Committees

FROM:  Liz Washington Arnold

SUBJECT:  Minutes of the November, 13, 2012 Committee on Committees meeting

MEMBERS PRESENT:  Arnold, Barsanti, Chen, Lucas, Murray & Steele.

Documents sent in preparation for the meeting: 

  1. Draft - President’s Faculty Advisory Committee (FPAC) (8/26/2012)
  2. Provost Hines’s answer to questions about PFAC  proposal (11/12/2012)
  3. Faculty Committee Assignments 2012-2013

The Committee on Committees meeting came to order at about 1105 hours.  LTC Lucas opened the meeting noting that this meeting would discuss the changes in the COC appointments and the new committee review as noted in the documents above and any new business, but first we had to elect a chair.


Chair election: LTC Lucas was unanimously re-elected as chair of the Committee on Committees (COC).




2012-2013 Faculty Committee Assignments: The Committee first addressed changes to the Faculty Committee Assignments for 2012-2013.  LTC Lucas noted the changes that had been since our last meeting due to faculty request, faculty leaving or other concerns as follows:

  • C. Wright replaces A. Mushal on Athletic Advisory
  • F. Frame replaces Harmonica Hart on Athletic Advisory
  • T. Mays replaces Cynthia Bolt on Awards
  • I. Karagiannidis replaces B. Collins on Awards
  • D. Fallon replaces Cathy Jellenik on Campus Affairs
  • H. Bevsek replaces L. McAfee on Core Curriculum (switched with L. McAfee)
  • L. McAfee replaces H. Bevsek on Sabbaticals (switched with B. Bevsek)
  • T. Hanchon replaces A. Emm on Library Services 
  • J. Skinner replaces T. Jerse on Sabbaticals
  • M. Politano replaces C. Saylor on Sabbaticals

Undergraduate Admissions Committee Disbanded: LTC Lucas also brought to our attention that the Undergraduate Admissions Committee has been disbanded as of August 2012 as per their request to the COC during the 2011-2012 academic year.  This already had COC concurrence, no further action was warranted.




New Committee – President’ Faculty Advisory Committee (PFAC):  The COC’s next order of business was to address the other two documents regarding the PFAC.  All members were in agreement that the PFAC would be serving as the voice of the faculty in an informal non-threatening setting as proposed.  However there was much discussion about the structure and selection of members for the PFAC including the rank and number of persons from each department that we could/should recommend for membership on the PFAC.  The COC concluded after the discussion with the following recommendations:


Since the committee is to be non-chartered and will be organized in a staggered fashion with proposed by monthly meetings, we would attempt to put structure in place regarding the committee’s activities and schedule, but focus on providing members for the committee.


The PFAC is to be composed of 7-9 members according to the draft with the persons being selected from approximately 12 persons recommended by the COC.  Our question then becomes “how the president and/or the provost will make their final decision or should the COC have the authority to select the final 7-9 members?”


We determined that the COC members would recommend persons from their schools/departments that were willing to be on the PFAC by bringing 4 names to the next meeting with the following academic status if possible: one full professor name; one associate professor name; one assistant professor name and one professor with instructor or adjunct functions (totaling 4 names).


The COC requested LTC Lucas to send out an e-mail to the faculty making them aware that the PFAC was forming and that members of the COC would be soliciting persons to staff the committee for the 2013/2014 academic year.


2013-2014 Committee Assignments: LTC Lucas will notify the faculty at the beginning of spring semester 2013 to seek Faculty Committee Assignments for the upcoming academic year (2013-2014) with a February 1, 2013 deadline.  This will allow time during the spring semester for discussion, changes, etc.


The meeting adjourned at about 1145 hours.


Respectfully submitted,

Liz Washington Arnold

Committee on Committees