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TO: Members of the Committee on Committees

FROM: LTC Scott Lucas

SUBJECT: Minutes of the October 11, 2011, Committee on Committees meeting

MEMBERS PRESENT: Arnold, Barsanti, Chen, Lucas, Murray.

The Committee on Committees meeting came to order at about 1105 hours. LTC Lucas welcomed new members and outlined the duties of the Committee. Lucas and LCDR Barsanti then gave an overview of the activities of last year’s Committee, including some of the difficulties it faced due to the late starting time for its work.

The Committee then turned its attention to new business. It elected LTC Scott Lucas as chair for AY 2011-12, and it determined a timetable for its work in the spring semester. Committee members endorsed the timetable outlined in the Committee charter, advising LTC Lucas to send out requests for faculty-member committee preferences on January 15, 2012, and setting a deadline of Feburary 1, 2012, for responses. The Committee determined it would then meet in February to distribute faculty committee assignments and hold a follow-up meeting at some later date to fill in final gaps or make unexpected changes. LCDR Barsanti recommended contacting department heads in the spring to ascertain the status of current Citadel employees and to gauge preferences for committee staffing, as an aid to our Committee’s work. All members agreed to strive to disburse committee assignments across as many faculty members as possible and to avoid overburdening some faculty either with too many appointments or with more than one of the most time-consuming committee assignments.

As its last order of business, the Committee reviewed Appendix A of the Committee charter and voted to recommend a series of changes to the appendix to bring it into line with the current list of committees staffed by the Committee on Committees and with the current committee names. LTC Lucas agreed to write a memo to the chair of Faculty Council asking for the changes. The changes are 1) to add the Global Initiatives and Tenure and Promotions Appeal committees to the list of committees staffed by the Committee on Committees, and 2) to change the names “Awards and Post-Graduate Scholarship” and “Curriculum” to “Awards” and “Curriculum and Instruction” respectively, to reflect their correct names (as set down in the most recent versions of these committees’ charters).

The meeting adjourned at about 1145 hours.

Respectfully submitted,

LTC Scott Lucas

Chair, Committee on Committees