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The Committee on Committees met three times during this academic year. At its first meeting, October 11, 2011, veteran Committee members welcomed new members and explained the tasks of the Committee on Committees. After electing LTC Scott Lucas as chair for AY 2011-12, Committee members determined a timetable for the Committee’s work in the spring semester, asking LTC Lucas to send out requests for faculty-member committee preferences on January 15, 2012, and setting a deadline of Feburary 1, 2012, for responses. As the last order of business at the Fall meeting, the Committee reviewed Appendix A of the Committee charter and voted to recommend a series of changes to the appendix to bring it into line with the current list of committees staffed by the Committee on Committees and with the current committee names. LTC Lucas wrote a memo to the chair of Faculty Council asking for the changes, and Faculty Council subsequently approved the recommendation. The changes were 1) to add the Global Initiatives and Tenure and Promotions Appeal committees to the list of committees staffed by the Committee on Committees, and 2) to change the names “Awards and Post-Graduate Scholarship” and “Curriculum” to “Awards” and “Curriculum and Instruction” respectively, to reflect their correct names (as set down in the most recent versions of these committees’ charters).


The Committee’s next meeting was on February 28, 2012. Using requests from faculty members regarding expected committee vacancies next AY, the committee systematically replaced members of committees whose terms were expiring or who would not be available for committee work during AY 2012-13. The committee also discussed a request from Faculty Council Chair George Rudolph to develop a statement for the website to assist those with questions regarding committee assignments, and it agreed to review at its next meeting recommendations from the Undergraduate Admissions Committee and the Faculty Employment Committee regarding their status as standing committees.


At its final meeting (April 26, 2012), the Committee made further recommendations for filling faculty committee vacancies that arose after the February 28 meeting. The Committee also reviewed proposed changes to the Faculty Employment Committee charter and agreed to endorse them in a memo to Faculty Council. Furthermore, it agreed to endorse the Undergraduate Admissions Committee’s request to disband in its current form, though Committee on Committees members hoped that the Committee’s charter might be rewritten to allow faculty members a future role in the overall undergraduate-admissions process.


Respectfully submitted,

LTC Scott Lucas

Chair, Committees on Committees