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Committee on Committees

Annual Report 2010-2011

The Committee on Committees for 2010-11 consisted of 6 tenured faculty, elected by Faculty Council to represent the five schools and the library.  The members were as follows:
  • Sheila Foster, School of Business Administration
  • Renee Jefferson, School of Education
  • Bob Barsanti, School of Engineering
  • Scott Lucas, School of Humanities (secretary)
  • Josey Templeton, School of Science and Math (chair)
  • Elizabeth Connor, Library

The Committee met in the spring to select a chair and determine the process for determining faculty members’ preferences for committee service.  After reviewing the charter and the current committee membership, it was decided to utilize the previous year’s spreadsheets and use color coding to ensure placement on committees of current faculty members.  The commitment to place all junior faculty members on committees was determined.  The need to determine who was retiring and who would be on sabbatical for the next year was established.  Since all members were not present, no chair was elected but other tasks were accepted by committee members.

A second information meeting was held (a quota was not present) later in the spring.  It was agreed to get a list of sabbaticals, retirements, and departures from the Provost’s office and a list of all tenured faculty and one of tenure-track faculty with at least one year of service.  A list of anticipated committee vacancies and a request for committee preferences was sent to all faculty members.  A list of all departmental and school committee vacancies was also send to the department heads and deans for their information. Approximately 25% of the faculty responded with requests for committee changes or preferences.  Those who were willing to continue for a second term were not asked to reply.

The last committee meeting was held to review faculty preferences and staff the committees.  Those committee positions that could not be filled from faculty requests were later filled by the chair who consulted with department heads, deans, and the associate provost.  All junior faculty members were assigned to at least one committee.   All ROTC committee positions were filled.  Efforts were made to assure that most other faculty members were assigned to one, but not more than three, committees. 

A list of recommendations for next year’s committee was developed.

Respectfully Submitted,
Josey Templeton
Professor, Department of Health, Exercise, and Sport Science
Chair, Committee on Committees