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Campus Affairs Committee Report: Academic Year 12-13

The committee met in the fall of 2012.  With a number of new members, the committee first explained and established the purpose and role of the campus affairs committee.  The issues discussed and actions to be taken are listed below:


Campus Affairs Committee Meeting 11.13.2012

Issues raised:

  1. Functionality of restrooms in Jenkins Hall
  2. Traffic/ residential parking taken during games in Field House.
  3. Better communication needed among city PD and FD, campus safety, and residents when the first is called to campus.
  4. Faculty and staff not given any parking preference over day students.
  5. Capers and Kovaks Lots’ security cameras are broken.

Action for next time:

  1. Bob Riggle will create survey to distribute to campus asking for other concerns about campus affairs.
  2. Kate Pilhuj will talk with Physical Plant/relevant dept. about resolving some of the issues listed above.

The committee will convene one more meeting this spring before the end of the semester, in particular to discuss the answers from the Physical Plant on the above listed issues and decide on survey questions.