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Faculty Athletic Advisory Committee

Meeting Minutes

Date: October 18, 2011

Time: 11:00-12:00

Location 224 Deas Hall


Members Present: Johnson, Keogh (Chair), Hart, Plemmons, Taylor (NCAA Faculty Athletics Representative), Donnell, and Mushal



Meeting began at 11:00 and was called to order by Col. Josey Templeton. Charter was reviewed by the committee and Dr. Taylor provided information regarding members of the committee who are assigned outside of the faculty present. Those individuals have been assigned and will be requested to attend the next meeting. These include student representatives and administrative representation from the Department of Athletics. Nominations were solicited for the position of Chair for the AY 2012-2013. Captain Timothy Keogh, School of Business Administration, was unanimously voted to serve as the chair of this committee. He will be responsible for calling the next meeting. Following election of the chair, Dr. Johnson then provided the committee with an overview of the work that has been conducted by the committee in the past including reviewing the process of advising of student-athletes.


Discussion took place regarding academic advising and the protocol for student-athletes. Dr. Taylor indicated that a form has been developed (during AY 2010-2011) which will be disseminated to faculty. He solicited the assistance of the committee to encourage faculty to complete the forms when they are advising student athletes. He also stated that NCAA rules for progress toward degree are available and that he’d include those on the form as well. Discussion took place regarding the need to keep advising and academic issues/concerns separate from the Dept. of Athletics. Rob Acunto (Administrative Liaison from Dept. of Athletics, Assistant Athletic Director for Compliance) will be asked to attend our next meeting and to review rules/regulations as they pertain to progress toward degree for our cadet student-athletes.


Dr. Taylor discussed the technical issues between the BANNER system and NCAA Compliance Assistant and the work that was conducted over the AY 2010-2011 to get this system up and running. He also discussed eligibility waivers submitted to the NCAA. A plan has been developed to streamline this process and it will be submitted to the committee for review in the next few days.


Dr. Plemmons discussed the “employability” of student athletes and requested that if the information was available that it be disseminated appropriately. Dr. Taylor will follow-up with the Dept. of Athletics and obtain that information should it be available.


The meeting was concluded at 12:00.