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Student Affairs Certificate

The Citadel Graduate College (CGC) and the Division of Counselor Education within The Citadel School of Education (SOE) is committed to principled educational leadership in higher education making The Citadel the ideal place for offering a program that aims to prepare leaders in Student Affairs.

The Student Affairs certificate is designed to teach students aspiring to work (or currently working) in higher education how to:

  • Use resources effectively to achieve institutional missions and goals;
  • Establish high expectations for the learning process;
  • Equip individuals with the skills needed to engage students in active learning while building supportive and inclusive communities within higher education institutions that help students develop coherent values and ethical standards.

The program also provides supportive educational background for those interested in pursuing a doctoral degree in Educational Leadership with a concentration in Higher Education Administration currently offered by Clemson University at the Lowcountry Graduate Center.



The Student Affairs certificate program consists of four, three credit-hour courses totaling 12 graduate credit hours. Students may choose to enroll in 15 credit hours when including a practicum. Applicants may apply as a non-degree graduate student and specify interest in the Student Affairs Certificate. Courses in the program are typically offered at the Lowcountry Graduate Center (LGC).


EDUC 537 Student Development Services in Higher Education (3 credit hours): This course focuses on the historical and current approaches of the organization, management, and evaluation of student services.


EDUC 538 Theories of Student Development in Higher Education (3 credit hours): This course provides an overview of theories of student development in higher education as it applies to the cognitive and psychosocial development of students and the influence of the college environment.


EDUC 539 Higher Education Administration (3 credit hours): This course provides an overview of the process of organizing the personnel and financial resources needed to effectively meet student development and institutional goals and objectives. This course will introduce students to basic human and fiscal management concepts and skills.


EDUC 613 Foundations of American Education (Student Affairs and College Counseling Concentration) (3 credit hours): This course is designed to assist students in understanding the historical trends and events that have influenced contemporary American higher education and the resulting evolution of the American college student.


EDUC 634 Practicum in Higher Education Student Affairs (3 credit hours): This supervised experience includes the student serving as a student affairs specialist in a higher education institutional setting for a minimum of 100 clock hours. Prerequisite: Permission from a faculty Advisor


Admission Requirements:

  1. Submit a completed graduate application form along with a $40 non-refundable fee to The Citadel Graduate College.
  2. Submit official transcript(s) of all undergraduate and graduate credit, including documentation of graduation from an accredited four-year college or university.
  3. Submit one letter of recommendation.

Once all admission requirements have been satisfied, the SOE Division of Counselor Education Admissions Committee will review the application and the applicant will be notified of their admission decision.


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