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By: Alice B. Hambright, Technology Specialist


Fall 2008 brings the new "C1" version of LiveText! New course management features! New document management features! New reporting features! New navigation features!


livetextLiveText unveiled its powerful new "C1" software for the Fall 2008 semester. This version of the LiveText software offers a more stable environment than the "New Generation" version we used in the spring.


Some of the new C1 features include:

  • Dashboard Features 
    • Access to all work in current and previous terms
    • Faculty access to all courses in current and previous terms including class rosters
    • Enhanced announcement feature
  • Assignment Features
    • Assignment submission both from the dashboard and from within a LiveText document
    • Enhanced text-level comment feature for faculty when reviewing/assessing student work
    • Faculty may request resubmission
    • Non-LiveText documents can be directly uploaded to the File Manager and accessed from assignment features or LiveText documents without having to re-upload
    • LiveText rubrics can be associated with assignments
    • Assignment group scoring is available to faculty members
    • Scoring without a submission is also available (as in scoring an oral presentation assignment)
    • Interactive grade book feature gives faculty the ability to easily track their students' progress
    • Different LiveText document styles are available so you can change the look of your work
    • Auto-save feature is enabled
  • New and Enhanced Reporting Features
    • Aggregate Assessment Reports
    • Outcome/Standards Reports
    • Student performance reports
    • Rubrics aligned to standards enable standard report generation
    • Individual Student Reports
      • by standard/outcomes set
      • by all LiveText rubrics

There are also new Discussion features, and a collaboration Library that contains literally tens of thousands of LiveText example documents.

Next year promises new "Form" enhancements as well as a lot of new surprises. LiveText is growing and evolving into much more than just an electronic portfolio system. With its new standard alignment capabilities, reporting functions, and course management features, LiveText promises to continue to provide inventive solutions to our academic, assessment, and accreditation documentation needs.