Why The Citadel?
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During World War I, 316 Citadel graduates and an undetermined number of alumni served in Europe. A contingent of Citadel alumni that made up an artillery brigade was on the first American convoy to sail to the battlefield (June 13, 1917) eventually firing America's first shot into German lines.


The entire Citadel Class's of 1917 and 1918 eventually served in the armed forces with 5 graduates earning the Distinguished Service Cross and 3 more earning the Navy Cross-----all presented for "extraordinary heroism". Two of those graduates earned BOTH the DSC and Navy Cross. One Citadel alumnus was awarded the nations highest combat award for bravery, the Congressional Medal of Honor. An alumnus became the college's first air casualty and another had been nominated to become the nations first Air Service Chief ( forerunner to USAF Chief of Staff) but was killed before leaving for the assignment.


Nine Citadel Alumni (listed below) are known to have sacrificed their lives to hostile or accidental friendly fire on the battlefield. Additional information on Citadel alumni who sacrificed their lives in WW1 is welcome.




ClassRank, Name, UnitBattleDeath Date
1908Click here to view a larger version.Maj. Robert Henry Willis, Jr. (Aircorps)Friendly fire, FranceSeptember 13, 1918
19091/Lt. W. A. MulloyHostile fire, FranceDecember 24, 1918
1912Lt. William Montague Nicholls (British Artillery)Hostile fire, Loos, FranceAugust 26, 1915
1914Click here to view a larger version.1/Lt. John Hodges David (18th Inf.)Hostile fire, Ansuuile, FranceApril 1, 1918
1915Click here to view a larger version.Cpt. James Hill Holmes (USA)Hostile fire, Soissons, FranceJuly 19, 1918
1916Click here to view a larger version.Cpt. Julius Andrew Mood, Jr. (USA)Hostile fire, Soissons, France.July 21, 1918
1916Click here to view a larger version.1/Lt. George Hampton Yarborough, Jr. (USMC)Hostile fire, Belleau Wood, FranceJune 27, 1918
19171/Lt_ Robert James Cochran (8th Aero Sqdn.)Shot down/Toul, Fr., FranceOctober 10, 1918
1917Click here to view a larger version.Lt. Arthur Thomas ElmoreHostile fire, Belleau Wood, FranceJuly 13, 1918