Letter from the President and Provost

This fall, we will embark on an important journey to plan, shape, and position The Citadel’s future successes. Over the next eight months, The Citadel will conduct a campus-wide planning process that engages faculty, staff, students, alumni, and community stakeholders, in a discussion of the institution’s strategic goals and future vision, culminating in a second iteration of the Blueprint, The Citadel’s 2012-2015 Strategic Plan. This planning document will communicate The Citadel’s priorities and lay the foundation for a successful capital campaign that will take the institution to new heights of academic and leadership excellence.

We are pleased to present a framework for campus-wide participation in creating The Citadel 2012-2015 Strategic Plan. The institution’s new core values of "Honor, Duty and Respect" and the campus-wide reaffirmation of the following eight strategic initiatives form the foundation of the institution’s planning priorities:

  1. Focus on the development of principled leaders in a globalized environment.
  2. Strengthen the College through institutional advancement.
  3. Enhance the learning environment.
  4. Develop the student population.
  5. Enhance the facilities and technological support for the campus.
  6. Improve institutional effectiveness.
  7. Ensure the College has the leadership and talent to accomplish these strategic initiatives.
  8. Provide outreach to the region and serve as a resource in its economic development.

We believe this set of strategic initiatives – which reflects years of thoughtful conversations and planning –synthesizes the most important aspirations and provides a solid foundation to then set goals, establish benchmarks, and express a collective vision for our future. To further define the necessary process to achieve these strategic initiatives, we will continue to utilize a cyclical planning model that links strategic initiatives, objectives, and actions with resources, performance indicators, assessment techniques, and continuous improvement strategies. The goal is to implement objectives and actions to achieve our strategic initiatives, bringing added value that advances and distinguishes The Citadel as the foremost principled leadership institution in the south.

Significantly fundamental to developing this new strategic plan is the breadth of collaboration and involvement at every level of the institution to reflect The Citadel’s collective vision. As part of the strategic planning process, the campus community provided valuable input and suggestions about the institution’s strengths, weaknesses, threats, and opportunities through a campus-wide survey last spring, reaffirmed the institution’s vision and mission statements, reaffirmed the current strategic initiatives, and created a new set of core values. In the next step of the process, all faculty and staff members will be asked to propose new objectives and action plans that will advance the institution. While we must be realistic in our planning efforts during these challenging economic times, we encourage you to think strategically and boldly about the stature and prominence you desire for The Citadel of the future.

We encourage your participation and collaboration in this important strategic planning venture.

John W. Rosa, ‘73
Lieutenant General, USAF (Retired)

Brigadier General Samuel M. Hines, Jr.
Provost and Dean of the College