Atlantis is ready! Print
Sunday, 15 November 2009 10:53

Photo courtesy of NASA
“Atlantis is ready to launch,” officials said at this morning’s prelaunch news conference at Kennedy Space Center.


NASA Shuttle Launch Weather Officer Kathy Winters said the weather continues to be favorable for a Monday launch.  The conditions for a delayed launch are not as favorable with a 30 percent chance for weather prohibiting the launch on Tuesday and a 60 percent chance on Wednesday.


The seas are a little bumpy for the SRB recovery with swells predicted to be 7 to 9 feet.  SRBs are the Solid Rocket Boosters—the rockets that provide the majority of the thrust for first two minutes of liftoff.  


The STS-129 mission flight, the first for Randy Bresnik, ’89, is scheduled to return to Kennedy on Nov. 27.  The crew will conduct three spacewalks and return International Space Station crew member Nicole Stott to earth.