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With quality experiences encouraging inquiry along with practical study, a comprehensive knowledge of the field of literacy education is developed for candidates who pursue this degree. This comprehensive understanding of the developmental literacy process parallels the school’s goal of developing “principled educational leaders who are knowledgeable, reflective, and ethical professionals” conceptual base which further undergirds the knowledge base provided candidates who pursue this degree.

The general goals and objectives of the program are:

  1. A knowledge and mastery of all aspects of the literacy process;
  2. A knowledge of those skills necessary to select, administer, and interpret informal and formal assessments used to examine children’s and adolescents literacy strengths and weaknesses;
  3. A knowledge of the abilities and skills which enhance a wholesome teacher- student-parent relationship in working with students identified as at-risk readers in order to develop a case study;
  4. A knowledge of those skills necessary to recognize and accommodate for individual differences in literacy instruction;
  5. A knowledge of how to plan, supervise, and enhance programs as a reading consultant;
  6. A knowledge of and ability to demonstrate effective literacy instructional strategies;
  7. A knowledge of communicating information about literacy;
  8. A knowledge of the relationship of literacy skills to subject-matter content areas;
  9. A knowledge of significant research conducted in literacy education; and
  10. A knowledge of a broad range of children’s and adolescent’s literature and how to incorporate this literature into the classroom.
  11. A knowledge of how to effectively support and mentor educators and serve as a literacy leader.